We talk to BMXercise participant Laura Greene who has taken to her skateboard in a quest to master a new trick every week. 

BMXercise is Access Sport's fun, friendly and fitness-based BMX programme for women. Sessions run all over the country and are a great way to gain confidence on a bike, meet new people and pick up new skills.

Laura first got involved with BMXercise through attending skate lessons at the Oxford Wheels Project (OWP). After hearing from a BMX rider that they were going to launch female only lessons she jumped at the chance to get involved.

I love it when girls all come together and support each other. You can’t beat it!

When asked what the best thing about these sessions is the list was endless; " getting together with a great bunch of girls all with the same passion,  facing our fears, learning new tricks and the best part, to make new friends". Whilst sport often features competition skate parks are renowned for their friendly, laid back environments. "Every new learn is a win and gets a cheer...everyone knows that it’s terrifying". I've learnt so much from the OWP BMX coaches and residents".    

Also a keen skateboarder, Laura credits her older brother as her biggest influence, "I was his annoying little sister and he didn't mind me tagging along...learning to skate with him, I'm so grateful for that". After some time away Laura picked her board up about two years ago and hasn't looked back. 

Skateboarding really helps with my mental health. We all struggle with this in some way or another...skating has helped to increase my confidence. I've done things I never thought I could do...it has provided me with a form of escapism...life can be hectic as a mum of two young children.

When asked about how lockdown has challenged her, like many parents home schooling was number one on the list, "my children don't listen to me!" She misses friends and family, especially not being able to celebrate with the Gran on her 91st birthday. As a photographer spring and summer bring opportunities for exciting projects which have had to be postponed. Whilst these are obviously disappointing she is focused on the bigger picture;

As long as everyone is safe and well, that's the main thing.

Asked if she had any words of encouragement for her fellow BMX and skateboard enthusiasts Laura left us with this message;

Grab your BMX or your board, pad yourself up from head to toe, get in your back garden and learn some retro freestyle tricks where you just stay in one small spot. You wont regret it. It will keep you motivated, get you some exercise and a put a smile on your face.

Take a look at our compilation of Laura's tricks below and her recommendations for skateboarding tutorials. 


"I've started a project of my own to document what's going on in these strange times. The images are much darker than my usual fluffy style; ; families on doorsteps, deserted playgrounds, signs telling people to stay home. That kind of thing" 

Laura's Top Follows

@jcskateclub on Instagram "a lot of fun, always throws in a silly trick with toilet rolls that everyone can try" 

@Radexcoaching "Rebecca is a fellow red head and fantastic skateboarder. Her google classroom is brilliant and I even got to meet another Mum"