To celebrate the historic BMX olympic success Curve Digital and Yeah Us! Games are launching a limited time promotion...

...Pumped BMX Pro available with an 80% discount, with all proceeds going to Access Sport!

Following the outstanding BMX team’s Olympic success, Curve Digital and Yeah Us! Games are running a limited-time promotion of their hit game Pumped BMX Pro on Steam. New players of the fast-paced, arcade BMX trick-a-thon will be able to snag 80% off the game until Wednesday 25th August 2021. 

Get Pumped BMX for £2.99!

All proceeds of the game during this time will be donated to Access Sport to give more young people in disadvantaged areas access to BMX and cycling. The Access Sport Making Trax programme builds BMX tracks and creates thriving community clubs in disadvantaged areas of London, Bristol and Manchester. So far over 40 clubs have been created and supported to be more inclusive and make cycling more accessible for disabled young people and their families, girls and young women, young people from lower socio-economic groups, minority ethnic communities and young people at risk of educational exclusion and crime.


Access Sport is seeking to inspire the next generation of cyclists and make cycling accessible to all by setting up new community BMX cycling facilities across the UK. The funds raised through this promotion will give young people in deprived communities the chance to learn BMX and we could not be more grateful to Curve Digital, Yeah Us! Games and all who buy Pumped BMX Pro for this support - Julian Barrell, Access Sport CEO

In addition to the money donated from game sales, Curve Digital will also be donating an additional £5000 to Access Sport to help reach more young people and ensure everyone, regardless of ability or background, has an equal entry to sport. 


Access Sport is a wonderful charity that harnesses the power of sport to bring out the best in people and create opportunities within deprived communities. We’re all delighted at Curve to play a part in helping Access Sport achieve their goals, and of course celebrating the phenomenal success that grassroots BMX achieved in Tokyo - John Clark, CEO of Curve Digital.


Pumped BMX Pro is available to purchase now on Steam

Get the game now for £2.99, with the special 80% discount, until Wednesday 25th August

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For a sneak preview check out the game trailer...

A massive thank you to Curve Digital and Yeah Us! Games for their support.