On 4th May 2017, Access Sport’s Ignite Programme hosted the Flyerz School Games at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in the Olympic Park.

The Games saw 70 students from schools all over London take part in a competitive day of Flyerz Hockey. Flyerz is the recognised name for pan-disability hockey and the day welcomed young people with any form of impairment or disability, into a safe inclusive schools tournament.

The day was split into two competitions, the Expert Flyerz and the Pro Flyerz. The Expert competition was played with full hockey rules and full sized hockey goals whilst the Pro competition was played on slightly smaller pitches with some adapted hockey rules. 

The day was a great success, with so many disabled young people experiencing the opportunity to play an inter-school sports competition at an Olympic venue. We welcomed young people with a range of disabilities, including a whole team of visually impaired youngsters, all battling it out for the Flyerz School Games title and trophy.

Congratulations to Stormont House School who emerged victorious in both the Pro and Expert competitions! However, fantastic efforts from Morpeth School (Pro) and Highshore School (Expert) who both put up strong battles in the final matches. A big well done to everyone who took part and showed incredible sportsmanship, skill and determination throughout the day. 

We would like to thank all the schools, students and teachers that took part on the day, our superb club volunteers and coaches, and our lovely team of young leaders from Leyton Sixth Form for making it all happen.

We’ll see you next year for the Flyerz School Games!

Flyerz School Games Photos

Expert Competition Results

Pro Competition Results

If you would like to arrange some Flyerz outreach sessions or would like to join a club near you please contact Adam Thomas at [email protected] or 020 7993 9883.