97 students came together from nine schools across London and Surbiton on Wednesday 15th March to take part in a day of fun and inclusion at the annual Flyerz School Games, held at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre (kicking Argentina’s training team off of the main pitch!)


In celebration of day three’s theme of Flyerz Week; Flyerz in the Community, it was truly inspiring not only to see so many players come together to compete for their schools, but also a whole host of volunteers helping out on the day to give back to their community. It was a day filled with high spirits, true sportsmanship and of course, some healthy competition.

St Paul’s Way Trust brought two teams to enter in the PRO division.

The teams were split across two divisions: our ‘PRO’ division was most closely replicated to a professional hockey match, whereas our ‘EXPERT’ division took a more relaxed approach. Teams were to decide beforehand which division they were entered in before they could find out who their competition would be on the day.


The games begun with some tough competition- all players brought their A-game and the matches were incredible to watch! The PRO division saw seven teams across six schools, with St Paul’s Way Trust entering two teams. All the Flyerz players came to the pitch with their game faces and determined attitudes- it was hard to tell who was to be beaten!

All of our heats were played before lunch and the finals played afterwards. Despite it being a close call, it was the players from Drumbeat and Stormont House who made it to our 3rd/4th place play-offs, and those from Whitefield and Woodlane who were to go to head-to-head for the gold and silver medals.


West Hill School were happy with their certificates and hockey ball signed by Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh!

The EXPERT division was another that saw some fierce competition! This division again saw seven teams across six schools compete for the Flyerz medals- although this time we had two intra-schools competition with two teams from Morpeth and two from Chaffinch Brook Upper! West Hill, the school who had travelled the furthest on the day coming all the way from Surbiton, brought three players and so joined up with the Stortmont House team to make a 5-a-side, despite never having met before! It was a fantastic moment to see not only all of the schools come together to play against each other, but also to play with each other, truly encompassing the nature of Flyerz. Despite being a competitive division, not only was the standard of hockey phenomenal, it was the spirits and attitudes of all players which stuck with all of us.

At the end of the heats, it was both teams from Chaffinch Brook Upper to play for the bronze medal, and Woodlane again playing for the gold medal, but this time against one of the teams brought from Morpeth.


Following their re-fuel through the lunch break, it was time for our competing players to go head-to-head in the heats.


Unfortunately, our Chaffinch teams had to leave early, so they took away with them their bronze medals. Now, the only teams to play in the EXPERT division was Woodlane vs Morpeth.

Heads turned from side to side as the ball went up and down the pitch in double speed- it was impossible to guess who would win! All players were impeccable and their performance was something to be proud of. After going to penalties, it was Woodlane who took home the gold with Morpeth in 2nd.


The PRO division did not disappoint- fighting for the bronze medal was Drumbeat vs Stortmont House, but it was Stormont House who had the slight edge on Drumbeat taking home a 1-0 win along with the bronze medals for all players!

Woodlane vs Whitefield was another match not to be missed- despite a minor injury earlier on in the day from a Woodlane player, all players came to the pitch, sticks at the ready, eager to compete for their schools. Despite all efforts, it was Woodlane who took home the gold medals again with Whitefield taking home the 2nd place.


Massive well done to all those that took part- the determination, passion and enthusiasm brought on the day made for a spectacular event, we already can’t wait for the next one!

An extra special mention must go to the teachers from every school, our volunteers from Columbia Threadneedle and UK Sport, as well as Bradley from The New City College on his supported internship. Their positivity and organisation was much needed and did not go forgotten about! Each and every one of our volunteers played a crucial role in the day and we couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you everyone!




Full List of Winners:




(Left-right: Morpeth- 2nd place; Woodlane- 1st place.)




(Left-right: Stormont House- 3rd place; Whitefield- 2nd place; Woodlane- 1st place.)



The Individual Sportsmanship Award is to recognise the individual that has demonstrated an impeccable behaviour and attitude throughout the whole day, both to teammates, competitors, umpires, volunteers and staff.

The award was presented to Patrick after numerous other schools and students has commented on his enthusiasm and positivity throughout the whole day, something which should not go unnoticed! Well done Patrick!



Throughout the day, we asked the schools to keep an eye out for the other schools who had shown the best sportsmanship throughout the day before we took their votes in for the Team Sportsmanship Award. This was awarded to Stortmont House for their high spirits and respectful attitude to everyone there on the day. Well done Stortmont House!