"It’s great to see a track designed for all ages and abilities. Every community needs a fun and safe
space like this!”
- Declan Brooks OLY

Pupils from Woodlands Academy join Access Sport partners and Olympic Medallist, Declan Brooks, to officially open Stockwood Bike Park in Bristol.

The sun shone on 12th May as pupils from Woodlands Academy arrived at the new, all-ability cycling track in Stockwood and were fitted out with brand new helmets and BMX bikes from the on-site storage unit.

Meanwhile, Olympic BMX Freestyle bronze medallist Declan Brooks was already warming up the pump track and jump track, performing an impressive series of laps and tricks which left nobody in doubt that the track is suitable for advanced, as well as beginner riders!

As partners and guests arrived at the track for the official opening event, they were invited to watch pupils from Woodlands Academy taking part in a special coached cycling session - similar to the outreach sessions that will soon be delivered to local schools as part of Access Sport’s flagship Making Trax Cycling Inclusion Programme.

Access Sport CEO Helen Rowbotham began the formal part of the afternoon by warmly welcoming guests and thanking all those who had been involved in delivering the new Bike Park, which will be a thriving resource for the local community. Guests also heard from Declan Brooks about his experience learning to BMX at his local skate park – highlighting what an amazing facility the new bike track will be for local young people.

Councillor Graham Morris from Bristol City Council was also in attendance. As the instigator and passionate supporter of the project he highlighted the importance of the new facility for the people of Stockwood as well as the collaborative effort that brought it to fruition.

As pupils from Woodlands Academy cut the ribbon, Stockwood Bike Park was declared officially open and guests were invited to join Declan for a ride. As the afternoon drew to a close, Access Sport partners and track builders Architrail Velosolutions were preparing a Stockwood Bike Park Jam for local riders.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the launch event.

With a special thanks to our funding partners:
The London Marathon Charitable Trust, Enovert Community Trust, Bristol City Council, Churngold and the John James Bristol Foundation.

Funding from local philanthropy organisations the Hargreaves Foundation, Foundation for Children, Spielman Charitable Trust and The Yogscast Jingle Jam will enable the activation of the facility and support ongoing delivery costs.

For further information on our cycling work please visit the Changing Sports cycling webpage or for any enquiries please contact:
[email protected]

Stockwood Bike Park funding partners: