The Diversity Football League was set up in 2018 as a means to bring together Oxford’s diverse community, culture and language through the love of football, helping players become part of a wider community. Towards the end of 2020 the AIPFF supported the club to provide sessions for children who can’t travel weekly for matches due to the pandemic. With the opportunity to head back outdoors the fund supported the 2021 Oxford Community Action Cup, bringing all of the local teams together to compete in a run of four tournaments.

Diversity League hosted the 1st Tournament of the season on Sunday 6th June. With over 10 11-a-side teams playing for the cup, it was an inspirational evening seeing the teams coming together to play football.

We have Afghan players, Kurdish, Pakistani, Indian, Syrian, Nigerian, Jamaican, West Indian, Romanian, Polish. One team can have nine or 10 different languages
-  Hassan, Diversity League

It was fantastic to be able to see so many young outside, being part of a team, playing on a Sunday evening. There was a great sense of pride from all the teams, highlighting the sheer importance being part of this diverse community and what it means for them. It was rewarding to see such a huge amount of young being able to benefit and access the grass roots sports. 

The next tournament will be on the 25th July, where Hassan who runs Diversity League is training his teams to be able to win the cup to stay in Oxfordshire. Huge congratulations go to Hilltop FC, London who took home the trophy on Sunday, presented by High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Imam Monawar Hussain MBE. Bringing together diverse community is at the core of Imam’s work so he was thrilled to see the work of Diversity League, changing the lives of so many young in Oxford.

With lockdown having a significant impact on so many young people's mental health, particularly prevalent amongst these underprivileged groups, the AIPFF were thrilled to see the core of our mission being so enthusiastically performed by Diversity Football League.


Diversity League Action Cup