The environment at Access Sport has been encouraging, welcoming and friendly. Working within in the team has been informative, engaging and rewarding.

The charity caught my eye when searching for a placement. I wanted to work for Access Sport as I have always been eager to learn more about making a difference to disadvantaged and disabled young people’s lives and through working with the charity this has given me the opportunity. Having had experience working with disabled children and seeing the difference just one person can make to their day really inspired me to want to work in this field.

Personally, sport is such an important aspect of my life not just for Physical health but also for social relationships and mental stability. Making sport inclusive to all is fundamental as everyone deserves equal opportunities to partake in all sports. It seemed like a no brainer to me that Access Sport would be a great place to work for my placement as it is fulfilling being part of a charity that is making such an impact to young people's lives.

Throughout my placement I have had the privilege to be a part of supporting young people to access community sport. When supporting and helping with events, I have found this to be one of the most rewarding parts of my placement, as you get to see the difference being made first hand. A specific event that stuck out for me was Access Sports London SISPAN event. It had a range of different sports activities available for young disadvantaged and disabled children to try out. Seeing the children's faces light up when walking into the sports hall and seeing all the different activities available was touching. The enthusiasm from the coaches and the appreciation parents showed made the day truly special and heart-warming.

A key learning I have taken from my placement so far as a fundraising officer, is the importance of communicating and networking with funders, businesses, clubs and communities about the work of the charity and its future plans. It is vital to communicate the increasing need for inclusive activities all over the UK! Raising awareness of inclusive activities will help more clubs and communities seek help from Access Sport to involve more young disadvantaged and disabled people into their sporting activities.

I have gained many valuable skills from my placement year, that I will utilize in the final year of my degree. Skills I have gained throughout include, content writing, cross team working, project management skills, time management, problem solving, networking and many more.

Access Sport is a great place for a placement student to work as all teams are approachable and supportive, give constructive feedback and encourage your learnings. Everyone is very proactive, hands on and enthusiastic making the working environment very productive and helpful to personal development and confidence.

Within the London office there are 3 placement students this year.

  • Myself (Chloe) working as a fundraising officer, I am studying sports and exercise science at Loughborough University. I have always had a passion for sport since a very young age and have competed most of my life as a gymnast.
  • Oscar is working as a community development officer, and is studying sports management at Bournemouth University. He takes part in jujitsu in his spare time.
  • Kyra is working as community development officer and is studying Sport Health and Exercise Science with Physical Education, Coaching and Social Issues, at Brunel University. She has a passion for gymnastics coaching and working with disabled young children.

The Bristol team has two placement students this year.

  • Katie is working as a community development officer, studying sports and exercise science at Loughborough University. She loves taking part in a rage of sport from climbing to cycling and marathon running! Read Katie's story
  • Tom is working as community development office and is studying sports and exercise science at Bath University. He loves skateboarding and has incorporated this within his work at Access Sport. Read Tom's story.


Written by: Chloe Williams, Placement 2022-23