At Access Sport, we view youth development pathways as an integral part of our work in enhancing the life prospects of disadvantaged and disabled young people.

And this week, our Ignite team delivered two Sports Leaders Awards to a CONEL (College of North East London) and East London Hockey Club, which is supported by Access Sport. 

Sixteen pupils aged 16+ from CONEL took part in the Go Lead Award, designed as an introduction to leadership, providing participants with an understanding of how leadership can be incorporated into thier everyday lives as well as in leading basic physical activity sessions.


Additionally, 8 youth players from East London Hockey Club took part in a Young Leaders Awarda brilliant introduction which enables the participants to organise and lead small games and activities which can be incorporated into a community club session. 

There was a lot to gain from the course, as the young people were able to develop leadership skills such as organisation, communication, and teamwork, as well as build their confidence and self-esteem as they prepare to take on the responsibility of leading thier peers and younger children. 

The young people on this course also learnt about Flyerz (disability) hockey, preparing them for helping at the club's Flyerz Hockey sessions which launch on the 13th of September.

These 8 fantastic new young leaders from East London Hockey Club will be helping at the Flyerz launch, a wonderful achievement!

If you would like any further information about youth development pathways for both disabled and non-disabled young people, inclusive sports, or opportunities to volunteer as a young leader, please contact [email protected]