In December two inspirational teams, Tide Waves and For Better Oar Worse, will participate in the world’s toughest row across the mighty Atlantic Ocean to raise funds for Access Sport’s vital work.

This annual race brings teams together from across the world to take on the unique challenging of crossing an ocean in nothing but a rowing boat. Motivated by the transformational impact our work has on underserved young people, the teams will face a task greater than anything they ever experienced - fighting with sleep deprivation, the elements, physical extremes and unpredictable currents. Once the they have crossed the finish line both teams will be an elite group that have completed this lifechanging race.


Our first team is made up of three brilliant women, Louise, Robyn and Jordan. This boat is aiming to be the fastest female trio to race across the Atlantic in 2023 and they are deeply passionate about championing equal opportunities for young people in sport.

The TideWaves met at the University of London Boat Club when studying together and have been close ever since. All three have a strong background in rowing and Robyn was even part of the Great Britain Rowing Team before she moved into primary school teaching.

Robyn, commented:
“Through my own experiences growing up and being a primary school teacher now, I have seen firsthand the positive impact sport can have on children. I want all young people to be afforded these opportunities”

All three have worked with young people in the past and have experienced the life changing benefits of sport. Through these experiences and living in London the team have become distinctly aware that not all young people have privilege of accessing community sport. This lit a fire among the group and inspired them take on this challenge to make sure that all young people, regardless of their background, have access to sport and physical activity.

Louise, commented,
“I want to give young people the opportunity to find a sport they really love. I found that love in rowing and it gave me confidence in every walk of life”

To cross the Atlantic Ocean TideWaves need to raise funds to buy the appropriate equipment, training and nutrition. The crew will also be donating to Access Sport to support us as we continue to make inclusion the norm in community sport.

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For Better Oar Worse

Our second crew is Mark and Dani, a married couple from Shropshire. The couple currently live in France and were inspired to take part in this unbelievable challenge after Dani’s dad completed the race in January 2020. Dani is a stay at home mum and Mark is a tree surgeon, and although they do not have a strong background in ocean rowing, they are determined to endure this 3000 mile row.

Dani, commented: 
“What we are taking on is a huge undertaking, with around only 1500 people ever to have achieved it. This for most is a life changing experience, so why not take it on with not only your husband/wife but your best friend too, what a privilege for us both.”

The couple believe that sport is an important part of life because of the physical, social and mental benefits it provides.

Mark, commented: 
“Sport teaches discipline, sharing, friendship, teamwork, leadership skills and of course keeps us fit, it gives us the chance to feel good about ourselves and is a great tool to break barriers, it is the one activity that can include everyone”

Although the couple have experienced the benefits of sport, they are also very aware that the cost of living crisis is limiting children’s access to sport. Introduced to us through their local Flyerz hockey session (our pan disability hockey offering), the couple are now both very passionate about supporting disadvantaged and disabled young people through the power of sport.

Dani commented:
“We both had the opportunity to participate in different sports growing up. Since becoming parents, and now having them compete for local sports clubs, we are so appreciative for the opportunity we had as children. We are both so passionate that everyone should get this opportunity because playing sport can do so much. It brings everyone together in such a special way.”

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