This year we make our debut as a Yogscast #JingleJam2019 chosen charity, and we are delighted to be taking part!

We are a UK-based charity using sport to change the lives of disabled and disadvantaged young people. We are a small but growing charity and we really need your support.

Below is our story and details of how you can support us by buying the incredible bundle of games in this year’s Jingle Jam! You can also meet Aslan and Omar and and see how their lives have changed through BMX.

If you’re short of time and just want to support us on our mission, click here to buy your bundle of games now or read on to learn more about where your donation will go.

Why we exist

Disabled young people and those from deprived backgrounds have poorer life chances than their peers, with millions feeling isolated, facing mental health issues, struggling at school or unemployed. Very often these young people have little or no access to sport or physical activity, and yet sport and physical activity can bring transformational benefits to their lives as well as those of their families and carers.

What we do

We train, equip and support local volunteers and their community sports organisations so they can grow, become sustainable and include and develop excluded local people.

This unleashes the potential of community sports organisations to transform more lives through sport while developing and strengthening their local communities.

From BMX to boccia to football and hockey, we work with local sports clubs across a wide variety of sports to appeal to young people’s passions and interests and make sport accessible to all.

How this changes lives
  • Our programmes engage and motivate these hard-to-reach young people, often for the first time in their lives
  • Our work boosts their health and mental wellbeing, reduces isolation, improves their focus at school and gives them the confidence and motivation they need to find a job
  • Communities are strengthened by having more sustainable, inclusive sports clubs and facilities

Meet Aslan and Omar and take a look at the inclusive Ealing BMX club....

Yogscast's own Lewis and Ben visit one of our tracks in Bristol to try out BMX for themselves...

Your donation will help us grow!

We are currently supporting around 6,000 young people each year in London, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford, Sheffield, Glasgow and Wales, but with more funding we can expand further. Every $150 raised by the Jingle Jam would enable us to change another young life.

How can I help?

Thanks to the team at the Yogscast, by making a donation of $30 you can receive an awesome bundle of video-games worth up to $600! Click here to buy your bundle and to make a donation to Access Sport at the same time!

Thank you for supporting our work. Come back and visit us soon!