Unlocking the power of sport

Access Sport enhances the life prospects of disadvantaged children by providing opportunities to experience and enjoy the power of sport. Last year, community sports clubs supported by Access Sport helped over 9,396 young people benefit from sporting opportunities.

In deprived boroughs across London, Bristol, Manchester, and Oxford, we enabled under-priviledged children to improve their health, their confidence and ultimately their life chances by taking part in sport.

But we need to do more.

  • In the past few years the number of people on low incomes participating in sport in the UK has fallen nearly 50,000.
  • One third of children in the UK are classified as obese or over-weight.
  • And only 18% of people with a limiting disability are active in sport, despite over 70% wanting to be.

 We believe every child should be able to access sport.

Our goal is to build an infrastructure of community sports clubs throughout the country which can make this happen.


Looking to the future...

The next two years, to 2018, are critical for Access Sport. We need to complete our current commitments to hundreds of clubs in London, Manchester, Bristol and Oxford, while building our evidence base to prove beyond doubt what really works.

Beyond this, we have already identified enormous opportunities to bring together funders from across government, sport and the non-profit sector, to expand the delivery of our model into other locations across England and Wales.

With the support of our Patrons, we plan to prepare for and invest in this next exciting phase of our growth, enabling thousands more children to access sport.

Becoming a Patron

To become a Patron we ask that you donate at least £5k per annum to Access Sport.

It costs on average £5000 to support one club for one year, and last year each club supported an average of 60 young people.

The £5000 is used to provide:

  • Capital - providing funds to invest in vital equipment
  • Training - up-skilling volunteers and training new coaches
  • Partnerships - bulding important collaborations with other local organisations
  • Expertise - a full range of advice and expertise to improve sustainability

Your £5000 donation is a social investment in securing better life chances for a further 60 disadvantaged children and young people.

As a Patron, you will be at the very heart of our development and we would like to keep you regularly informed as to the results we are achieving thanks to your support. We hope to do this with various opportunities to meet at events throughout the year.

If you are interested in learning more about the Patrons Club, please contact Director of Development Julian Barrell [email protected]