Fran has just completed her 9–month University Placement with Access Sport. During this time she has contributed to the development of both the BMX Outreach Programme and the Ignite Bristol Project. She has also played a significant part in the development of the emerging Basketball Programme and took a lead on progressing the Disability Inclusion Swimming club.

Fran currently attends Bournemouth University, where she studies Sport and Exercise Science. Before continuing with her final year, she was offered a role over summer with the Access Sport Cycling team. Alongside supporting the Cycling Programme, Fran will continue to develop the up-and-coming swimming project that feeds into her passion for swimming.  

As a member of the Bournemouth University trampolining team, previously working as a lifeguard and having previously competed in swimming and running competitions, Fran has always been involved in sport. She is grateful to have experienced the transformational benefits that sport has had on her and during her time at Access Sport, she has been able to further her understanding of accessibility in sport and the need for it. With this further knowledge, she wants to continue creating opportunities for people less likely to engage in sport.