Sten Mayunga is a Development Manager for Basketball, focusing on disability and inclusion. In his role, Sten collaborates closely with clubs and various providers to devise, implement, and integrate inclusive programmes. These initiatives are designed to enhance the accessibility and enjoyment of sport and physical activity for children with disabilities and young people, aiming to foster a more inclusive community within sports.

Joining Access Sport in 2024, Sten brought with him a range of experiences from a decade with the Premier League in their Games Programme department and then transitioning into basketball with the London Lions. He founded his own community basketball club, the Dartford Tigers in 2021 who were awarded with the Basketball England South East Community Club of the Year in its inaugural year. Sten's passion for community engagement and his vision for expanding basketball's reach have been the driving forces behind his efforts. His leadership roles within the basketball community, including his position as chairman of Basketball England's South East region underscore his commitment to the sport's development at a grassroots level.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Sten is a devoted family man with two young children. His leisure time is filled with activities that reflect his love for sports, including playing 3x3 basketball, closely following the British basketball scene, and participating in 5-a-side football. Beyond sports, Sten is deeply engaged in educational pursuits, teaching classes on Congolese history, heritage, and culture, as well as delving into Christian apologetics and theology.