Changing Sports is Access Sport’s system-change approach applied to whole sports, working in partnership with NGBs to embed disability inclusion at community level in sport for good. Our Changing Sports model is replicable and adaptable, enabling us to work in partnership with other sports in the future to ensure that disability inclusion becomes the norm throughout the country, not an after-thought or an add-on.

How does Changing Sports work?

It is a holistic approach which is made up of:

Our Changing Sports Partner NGBs:

Changing Sports and Physical Activities with others:

To date, Access Sport has supported community sports clubs across 30 different types of sports and physical activity. This has included a range of traditional, non-traditional, and disability-specific sports such as football, tennis, boccia, yoga, dance, fencing, frame running, wrestling, and martial arts.

Flyerz hockey, Wingz cycling, and the newly-launched Hoopz basketball are inclusive initiatives developed in partnership with NGBs to improve disability inclusion within the sports of hockey, cycling, and basketball respectively. With a network of over 50 clubs from the South Coast to Scotland, we are well on our way to establishing strong national networks in three major sports.

Our projects are co-designed and supported by a strong network of partners, influencers, ambassadors, and community champions. We work closely with England Hockey, British Cycling, and Basketball England to embed disability inclusion into all areas of the sport from participation to coaching and volunteering.

Flyerz has had a remarkable impact on players with disabilities, their families, and the staff and volunteers from hockey clubs. The programme has very deliberately worked with existing clubs to add Flyerz as part of the offer that a club makes in its community. This means that the outcome is sustainable Flyerz clubs within an existing infrastructure. This is so important because of the sense of belonging that the participants get that is so important to wellbeing and happiness.

Also worth highlighting is the progress that Flyerz has made in such a short time. This progress is down to the partnership approach that Access Sport has utilised. It has such potential for growth and is used as an example of how sport can be inclusive for people with disabilities at the same time as being integrated.

Access Sport has worked collaboratively with England Hockey, community clubs and disability organisations to ensure that Flyerz Hockey has the best chance of success. I am proud to have been associated with something that is having such a positive impact on people’s lives.

- Sally Munday, UK Sport CEO

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