Access Sport partnered with Waltham Forest Hockey Club to create the first fully disability inclusive hockey section in England in 2012 (“Forest Flyerz”). Forest Flyerz inspired other clubs to introduce Flyerz Hockey and, with our support, there are now over 50 clubs across Great Britain that have received support to become more disability inclusive, with more coming onboard each year.

Our mission is to support each and every hockey club to be disability inclusive and to change the sport of hockey for good so that everyone has the opportunity to play in a fun, inclusive and accessible environment.

We know first-hand the positive impact that inclusive sporting opportunities can have on players and their families. Our research with Loughborough University evidenced that:

  • 74% of Flyerz parents and carers say that Flyerz has made their child less socially-isolated
  • 87% say that Flyerz has had a positive impact on their child’s mental well-being
  • And 90% say that Flyerz had had a positive impact on their self-confidence

Access Sport support hockey clubs to establish and launch their own disability inclusive Flyerz offer, providing them with the tools and resources they need to become truly inclusive of disabled children and young people.We provide access to funding, upskill coaches and volunteers through our Disability Inclusion Training and connect our clubs with Flyerz specialists across the country to share knowledge and experience across our Inclusive Club Network.

We also work closely with National Governing Bodies across Great Britain to promote sustainable and long-term change within hockey.

To learn more about the support we can offer and to start your club’s Flyerz section today, please complete the expression of interest form below and we will be in touch.

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