Saturday 3rd November saw 26 BMXercisers old and new take on the Olympic Park BMX track in the 5th event held there since the BMXercise project launched. Once everybody got kitted up with helmets and a bike, they followed coaches Jacks, Farran, and Silvi to the track, ready to begin an exciting hour and a half of BMX!

The group was split into beginners, coached by Jacks, and experienced riders, coached by Farran and Silvi. Both groups began practicing different sections of the track to get a feel for what each bump is like, understand how to handle each section, and learn the best ways to come out of the berms. The experienced riders got the chance to see just how well they had perfected their pumping skills, as this was vital to get them over the challenging bumps, whilst the beginners got the chance to experience BMX for the first time on an Olympic sized track, which is a great place to start their BMX journey! The size of the track means that it can be very challenging, but as riders started to find their feet, their confidence and abilities sky rocketed, which was great to see! Once all of the track had been practiced and the riders became a lot more comfortable with each section, they stood at the top of the start hill ready to take on the whole track!

Even as the sky got darker and temperature started to drop, the riders stayed positive and focused to make the most out of this experience. There were smiles all around as emphasis on level pedals and standing tall meant that all our riders made it round the whole track. Some of the more experienced riders even got to practice using the start gate, which is something that they would not normally be able to do at the weekly BMXercise sessions. All of the riders got the opportunity to ride round the track multiple times, but when they weren’t riding, they were all exchanging stories and socialising together, which is what BMXercise is all about!

Overall, the day was enjoyable for all and lots of new skills were learnt for all riders. Taking on a track of this size can be overwhelming, so the riders should all feel a massive sense of achievement for tackling it! We’re all very much looking forward to seeing what the next event brings…


To find out more about how you can get involved in BMXercise, visit this link or contact Harriet Plows on [email protected]