On Saturday 8th June, a group of 18 women, some regulars and some new to BMXercise, came together at Lee Valley VeloPark to experience the Olympic Park Track!

The sun was out and there was a nice breeze in the air, meaning the conditions were perfect for an afternoon of BMXing! The women started the afternoon learning and perfecting crucial BMX skills that would help them face the Olympic-sized track. They used the smaller pump track to practice their level pedals and their pumping before heading up to the top of the start hill and seeing the main track in all its glory. From the beginning we saw the values of BMXercise shine through with all BMXercisers encouraging and supporting each other, especially those who were new to BMX!

With practice, and the help of their brilliant coaches Farran and Silvi, all the riders slowly progressed around the track tackling each section bit by bit to gain confidence and get a feel for every jump and turn. Those who were more experienced guided the newer riders to help them round the harder areas, which was great to see! BMXercise is fun, friendly and fitness-based BMXing for women and there was certainly lots of fun, laughter, and energy as all the women got involved and supported each other around the track. This also helped every single person improve their skills, which was another achievement of the day! Even the more experienced riders faced and conquered a challenge being at the event, which made it a lot more enjoyable and exciting to be a part of.

Overall, it was a fantastic afternoon, which saw old friends meet up and new friends form, which is what BMXercise is all about! The Olympic Park track is definitely not the easiest to ride, so it was amazing to see the new riders giving it a go and getting round the whole track with smiles just as huge as the experienced riders.

We look forward to seeing lots more faces at the next event!

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