Sunday the 21st of May marked the beginning of Phil Deeker's remarkable adventure...the ride of a THOUSAND cols.

And this week, just short of 8 weeks into his challenge, Phil reached an incredible milestone as his fundraising surpassed the £10,000 mark!!

The Rapha Travel Cent Cols Challenge is most certainly not for the faint-hearted, yet Phil is taking it on 10 times, totalling a mammoth 1000 mountains. Phil has chosen to fundraise for Access Sport's BMX Legacy Programme "to address the problem of the oppressive nature of inner-city life for so many youngsters", and he is hoping to reach £20,000 by the 4th of October, 1000 mountains later.

There's a very long (& steep!) road ahead for Phil yet...

But you can help Phil keep going with an espresso for Filipo!

It's very simple! 

For as long as Phil's fundraising is on track (£1 per kilometre ridden) he will allow himself one coffee per day. You can support this by setting up an 'Espresso for Filipo' pot at work or home; every time you have a coffee on the days Phil is riding, you buy him one too! Further details can be found on Phil's fundraising page

You can also follow Phil's journey by checking out his Instagram page which features beautiful images and documents the journeys of the other brilliant riders joining Phil on each of the 10 stages.