brings with her over 10 years of sports coaching experience. She began coaching Basketball as a young leader at 14 and from there her love of coaching grew. AJ began focusing on SEN coaching and found that creating new opportunities for disabled youth was where she found her main passion. 

During AJ’s BSc in Sports and Exercise Science, she was able to conduct two placements, one as an SEN PE student teacher and another as an Intern with a charity working with youth across Belfast developing their junior programming focusing on sport for change and conflict resolution. From then her career has focused on sports development and creating new opportunities for youth, ensuring that everyone has a chance to try a newsport or continue with the sport that they love. She is now completing her MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, and her dissertation is focusing on women in sport, another one of her passions.

In AJ’s spare time she enjoys watching Ice hockey, walking her dog, and playing golf. She also spends as much time as possible going to concerts, travelling and sometimes both with her partner. When she can, on her weekends off AJ likes to travel home to Belfast to see her family and friends.