Access Sport is seeking to better understand the impact of its programmes on improving community engagement and creating a sense of belonging for participants, and we’re looking for a suitably experienced organisation to undertake research services to carry out this evaluation.

The publication of our 2022 Growth Strategy identified four transformational benefits individuals experience from taking part in inclusive community sport. These benefits are as follows: 

  • Physical and mental well-being 
  • Individual life skills and prospects 
  • Community engagement  
  • Sense of Belonging 

After a recent review of our monitoring and evaluation priorities, we identified a need to capture further evidence of the impact our programmes have on, two of these identified transformational benefits: community engagement and sense of belonging. 

Project Aim: To understand the impact of Access Sport’s programmes on building community engagement and sense of belonging for programme participants and how these two outcomes contribute to building stronger communities.   

There are five key research questions which cover areas such as; understanding both the impact of and barriers to building community engagement and a sense of belonging, the processes or conditions which enable increased community engagement and sense of belonging, and how to sustain these two outcomes in community sport settings so they benefit future children and young people.  

Methods: It is envisaged the research methods used will capture both quantitative and qualitative data; and proposed approaches will be inclusive of disabled people and children and young people. 

The ‘Request for Proposals’ document contains all the information required to complete a tender submission with any questions directed in the first instance to Kelly Smith via email by 31st March 2023.

Submissions contact:
[email protected]

Please download the Request for Proposals document from the link below:
Request for Proposals

To find out more about our Growth Strategy visit the webpage:
Access Sport Growth Strategy 2022