Over the last two years, this partnership has positively impacted disabled and disadvantaged young people across Greater Manchester.

After two successful years of partnership working with Nuffield Health, Access Sport is thrilled to announce that this vital partnership will be extended until March 2026.

Through our joint efforts over 15,000 young people, whose needs were previously unmet, now have access to welcoming, inclusive and sustainable community sport. 

By working collaboratively with Nuffield Health, we have combined our award-winning community sport development model with Nuffield Health’s world-class facilities and expert team to transform Greater Manchester’s community sport space.

Part of our Changing Places Programme, this partnership has trained, equipped and supported local clubs to deliver inclusive activities so that local young people can experience the life-changing benefits of community sport.

This partnership has also led to the expansion of our Young Leaders programme, a national initiative which aims to create the next generation of community sport leaders. With Nuffield Health’s support, we have provided young people at risk of exclusion with opportunities for personal development and improved their physical and emotional well-being. 

Since the partnership started in March 2022, it has:

  • Positively impacted more than 15,000 disabled and disadvantaged young people’s lives
  • Provided on-the-ground support for 26 community sport clubs
  • Generated £4.5 Million in Social Value in the local community

You can see a full recap of this partnership’s progress below.

Sean Reid, Stretford Victoria Football Club Founder, said:

“The support we have received from Access Sport has been pivotal to our incredible growth this last year. Their help has allowed us to restart our mini-soccer programme for u7s and create an entirely new girl's pathway within the club. We are now closer to offering inclusive football provision for all the children in our community”.

Whether it’s through our hands-on community club development, our inclusive BMX sessions or our Young Leaders programme, we are committed to working with Nuffield Health to expand the impact of our work in Greater Manchester.

Together will work to ensure that no young person misses out on the life-changing benefits of community sport. 

By 2026, we want to:

  • Support 10,000 disabled and disadvantaged young people to access the transformational benefits of inclusive community sport 
  • Upskill 800 coaches, volunteers and young leaders, so they can confidently work with disabled and disadvantaged young people
  • Train 20 new community sport clubs to run inclusive sessions.

Helen Rowbotham, CEO of Access Sport said:

"Our ongoing partnership with Nuffield Health is a brilliant example of effective partnership working. By supporting each other, we have been able to reach over 15,000 disadvantaged young people in Greater Manchester, helping them to access the transformational benefits of sport and change their lives for the better. Thank you, Nuffield Health, for your support over the last two years to help make inclusion the norm!”

Davina Deniszczyc, Medical and Charity Director, Nuffield Health, commented:

“Over the last two years, our partnership with Access Sport has had a huge impact on many young people living in Greater Manchester, providing access to inclusive sport and physical activity, and all the health and social benefits that come with it. And yet, with many young people in the area not reaching national guidance for daily physical activity, there is an ongoing need to provide support and access to facilities. This is why we're proud to continue our work with Access Sport for the next two years, empowering and supporting local communities across Manchester to live happier, healthier lives."

We are grateful for all the support and funding Nuffield Health has given and will continue to provide over the upcoming years!

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