Accept will support 20 community clubs to run inclusive sessions, impacting 500 young people across the country

We are looking for a partner to help grow Accept – a project to get Rugby clubs around the country running disability-inclusive sessions. 

By coming on board, you can help build acceptance of differences through 20 new disability-inclusive Rugby programmes. This project will transform 500 disabled young people’s lives.

Through Accept community rugby clubs will be trained, equipped and upskilled so that they can confidently run impactful sessions for local disabled young people.

Community Rugby offers a multitude of social, physical and mental benefits for young people, by supporting this project you can maximise the reach of this amazing sport.

Accept will support clubs like Rochdale Rugby Club. Rochdale has a successful junior's program, however, they’ve been unable to attract local disabled young people. To support the club we ran our Disability Inclusion Training sessions and connected them with local disability organisations. 

Since our intervention, the club’s footprint has grown dramatically and now has a regular session that supports over 60 participants. By linking with a local community, and gaining their support, the club has integrated itself into young people’s lives and made a really positive impact. The sessions are not only an opportunity to be active, but also a chance for disabled young people to be part of a welcoming and inclusive community.

“This is more than just a sport; it's about building skills, fostering teamwork, and creating an inclusive community where everyone gets a chance to shine on the field."

Get involved with Accept and make a tangible difference in communities across the country. Together we will be able to expand the reach of Rugby and impact more disabled young people than ever before.

If you would like to discuss supporting this project please contact: [email protected]