Include will provide 800 disabled young people in Bristol with the life-changing social, physical and emotional benefits of sport

We are looking for a partner to help Include more disabled children in Bristol in community sport, changing the lives of over 800 young people.

Your support will enable us to reach 12 more community sport clubs in Bristol and ensure that as many disabled young people as possible can access inclusive sport.

Through Include we will train, equip and support under-resourced community sport clubs so that they can provide disabled young people with the life-changing social, physical and emotional benefits of sport.

Many community clubs are lifelines for disabled young people and their families, through your generosity we can ensure they continue to thrive.

With your support, we can help more clubs like Bristol Indoor Bowls to become disability inclusive. Starting in 2021, we partnered with this local bowls club to establish a thriving pan-disability inclusive session which provided the participants with a real sense of community and togetherness.

As a sport, bowls can be easily adapted to be accessible and inclusive. It is self-paced and often takes place in a calm and relaxing setting, lending itself to those with sensory differences.

A parent of Abi, a regular participant, said:

“I'd been looking for an activity to suit my 11-year-old autistic son for a while, however, most are contact sports which aren't suitable as he is highly sensitive to pain and worries about getting hurt. The bowling sessions are perfect for him as they are relaxed with no pressure and the coaches are supportive of his needs”.

Bristol Indoors Bowls is a perfect example of how sport clubs can be transformed into community hubs for local disabled young people. This club now has a thriving session attended by participants and their families. Many of the participants were previously completely inactive and socially isolated, however, through these weekly sessions these issues have been wholeheartedly addressed.

Through your generosity, we make sure that the entire Bristol community sport space moves towards being fully disability-inclusive, transforming as many disabled young people’s lives as possible.

If you would like to discuss supporting this project please contact: [email protected]