Score will create 20 inclusive hockey clubs, unlocking the joys of hockey for 500 disabled young people

We are looking for a partner to help develop Score – a project that will support 20 new hockey clubs to be disability inclusive. Join us and score a big goal for inclusion!

By joining our team, you will support 500 disabled children to experience the elation of scoring in a hockey match! 

Through your generosity, we can upskill clubs so that they can run regular impactful disability-inclusive sessions, as well as offer their disabled players bespoke equipment which can unlock the joys of playing hockey.

Your support will go directly towards clubs like Harborne Hockey Club in Birmingham. Harborne is the heart of inclusive community hockey in the city, with 30 teams for all ages and abilities.

Originally, the club’s coaches and volunteers were hesitant to run inclusive sessions, however, through our Disability Training, all of the coaches have now been upskilled and feel confident to run pan-disability sessions. Over the last year, the club has expanded this programme and is now regularly supporting local disabled young people to improve their confidence, health and wellbeing through inclusive hockey sessions. In 2023, the club also coached and mentored seven disabled players who represented England and Great Britain in two separate international tournaments.

A Flyerz Club Manager said:

“Flyerz is about one thing and one thing only, creating an environment in which everyone can participate in hockey”

One individual that encapsulates Harborne’s impact on the local community is Oliver. Oliver has a learning disability and before 2019 had never participated in hockey. However, over the last four years, Oliver has become a key member of the Harborne family. Originally just participating in a weekly Flyerz session, Oliver has now gone on to travel the country with the club, join regular social events, including bowling and BBQ nights, and avidly supports the Men’s first team. 

Christine Dalby-Ali, Club Captain, said:

“Oliver is probably one of our club members who has benefited the most from the social side of Harborne. He is definitely one of the most recognisable members of the club and someone you always see in and around the club, no matter what is going on!”

Oliver’s story epitomises the sense of belonging and community feel that Harborne provides to all its members and the local community. Beyond Hockey, the club’s inclusive and welcoming ethos means that everyone in the local community can experience the benefits of community sport. With your support, we can help hockey clubs across the country follow Harborne’s example.

If you would like to discuss supporting this project please contact: [email protected]