Create will allow 80 disadvantaged young people to excel in their future education and careers

We are looking for a partner to help launch Createa new project that will expand our Young Leaders Academy to London, creating the next generation of community Leaders.

Your support will allow 80 young people the opportunity to gain new skills and improve their life prospects.

Through Create we hope to produce sporting leaders for the future, championing inclusion these individuals will ensure that everyone, regardless of race, gender or ability, can access community sport.

This work has already begun in Manchester, supporting young people like Joe.

Joe is 14 and completed our Young Leaders course in 2023. Originally Joe found it difficult to maintain focus during lessons and struggled to regulate his emotions. During the course, Joe increasingly developed his communication skills and started to put in place behaviours to regulate his emotions, such as taking himself away from the group when he felt overwhelmed. Joe also thrived when delivering sports sessions and now has a keen interest in a career in sports.

Joe said:

“I would say that since we started I have improved on a few things. But I would also say it is a brilliant course to do. Doing this would make a brilliant future for yourself”.

Without this support, young people like Joe often face exclusion from mainstream education and social isolation. Our intervention is crucial in supporting overlooked young people. By providing them with leadership skills they can excel in their future education and careers. Through your input, we can extend this work to London and ensure that no young person is left behind.

If you would like to discuss supporting this project please contact: [email protected]