Ride can give 4000 young people at risk of exclusion the opportunity to make a positive change

We are looking for a partner to grow Ride – a project that changes thousands of lives through our BMX schools development project.

By supporting this project, you will allow 4000 young people to access the benefits of cycling and improve their career prospects.  

Through Ride, we will provide these marginalised young people with a positive outlet that can radically improve their emotional and physical well-being.

Run by our cycling coaches, Ride creates a new programme of outreach sessions to introduce young people to the core skills of BMXing, as well as signpost them towards their local club. Ultimately, Ride is about empowering disadvantaged young people to make positive changes in their lives and we need your support to make it happen.

Your generosity will go directly towards preventing young people like Judd from being excluded from school. Judd was previously unhappy and completely disheartened with his education. After being suspended for a significant period, Judd found school extremely difficult. However, after being convinced by Rob, our local Cycling Delivery Manager, to attend a taster BMX session he was set on a new path of discovery, fulfilment and self-improvement.

Judd said:

“At the track getting compliments off people about how good I am, it boosts your confidence. I think BMXing can make some people into a better person, learning how to be more respectful and kinder to people.”

Fostered around the belief that every young person should have access to a bike, our Changing Sports Cycling programme enables young people to gain the skills and confidence to ride in a local, safe environment. We also develop self-esteem, confidence and well-being in a fun and enjoyable way. Judd epitomises this work and perfectly represents the kind of young people you can support by getting involved with Ride.

If you would like to discuss supporting this project please contact: [email protected]