Pace will take cycling to the most deprived areas of London, transforming the lives of over 2000 disadvantaged young people

We are looking for a partner to support Pace – a project to help some of the most deprived areas of London through community cycling.

By teaming up with us, you will make a significant impact in the lives of over 2000 young people in London. Through your generosity, we will up the pace and take our cycling to more disadvantaged young people than ever before.

Our team of grassroots community activators will ensure that regular sessions are available, upskill local volunteers and create sustainable community clubs that can support the communities indefinitely. 

This work will create a radical shift in local young people’s life prospects and well-being, but we can’t make this impact without you.

Through Pace, we will continue to build on the impact we have already made in London. Back in 2022 we built and activated Hoblingwell Pump Track in Bromley. As part of Changing Sports Cycling work, this facility has provided the local community with somewhere local to ride that’s safe and welcoming to all.

Hoblingwell Wood Recreation Ground sits within areas of high deprivation and high crime rates. Through this track, we have provided positive opportunities for young people in the local area and addressed some of the anti-social behaviour.

Since 2022 our team of grassroots activators have developed a community BMX club at the track – Hoblingwell Park Collective. Launched in collaboration with the Friends of Hoblingwell Wood, the collective now acts as a hub for the local community and has significantly reduced antisocial behaviour and crime in the area. We have seen a renewed sense of pride in the park, as well as the local community at large.

Ralph Ambrose, Chair of the Friends of Hoblingwell Wood Recreation Ground, said:

“The track has changed the antisocial behaviour in the park. The core group that were misusing the space have now changed. The track has been a big part of that – it’s the nucleus of the community.”

The young people were given shared responsibility for looking after the equipment at the club. Following a theft of a bike, the young people even rallied together to locate the missing bike.

The track is a brilliant example of how cycling work empowers communities to create positive change. With your support, we can continue making this kind of impact. Together we can up our Pace and make sure that no young person is excluded from the life-changing experience of community cycling.

If you would like to discuss supporting this project please contact: [email protected]