Uncover will benefit 1000 young people through our vital cycling inclusion work

We are looking for a partner to launch Uncover – a new cycling initiative that will support disadvantaged and disabled young people in Manchester.

By joining forces with us, we can uncover over 1000 young people’s love of cycling in some of the most deprived areas of the city.

Together we will build a new BMX track in one of the most deprived areas of Manchester and transform an entire community. Our BMX tracks are visited over 7000 times a month!

By helping us create a new all-wheeled track in Salford we can uncover young people’s love of cycling and physical activity. Through your generosity, we can create the track and then make sure that regular sessions are available for young people in the community, upskill local volunteers and create a sustainable community club that can exist indefinitely.

This work will create a ripple effect in the area, positively impacting young people, improving their well-being and reimagining their life prospects.

Uncover will allow us to create a track that will then be used by Access Sport’s Rob. Rob is our Cycling Delivery Lead, he delivers inclusive sessions to schools and community groups, with a key focus on engaging disadvantaged and disabled young people. In his 20s, Rob raced BMX competitively and is obsessed with supporting his local community. Rob also manages a local network of volunteers, developing their confidence and providing them with the tools needed to deliver inclusive BMX sessions.

Rob's special spark comes from his ability to relate with his riders. Growing up in Manchester, Rob has a unique skill of finding common ground with his riders. He creates an environment where young people feel empowered to use cycling as an outlet to tackle some of the issues they have in their everyday lives. Rob’s approachability and kindness allow the young people to fully benefit from the life-changing sport of cycling.

Judd, one of Rob’s riders, said:

“He helps young kids like me, so maybe they could get somewhere in life. The job I would like to do would be like Rob’s, to be honest. I’d like to support kids like Rob supported me”.

By collaborating with us on this project, you will create a new facility in Manchester allowing more disadvantaged and disabled young people in the Manchester area to learn a new life skill.

If you would like to discuss supporting this project please contact: [email protected]