Wingz will provide 1500 disabled young people with the joy of cycling.

We are looking for a partner to help grow Wingz – our programme that gets as many disabled young people riding bikes as possible.

By joining forces with us, you can help get 1500 disabled young people into Wingz this year, ensuring that they don’t miss out on the joy of riding a bike.

With your support, we will create thriving community cycling hubs that can act as lifelines for hundreds of families.

Through Wingz we will train, upskill and equip our network of community cycling clubs so that they can launch new disability programmes, as well as deliver outreach to local schools and community groups.

Wingz will help clubs like Redbridge Spitfires – a BMX club based in East London. What sets the Redbridge Spitfires apart from other BMX clubs is their commitment to inclusivity. The club welcomes riders of all abilities and backgrounds and has a team for almost every age group.

A parent at Redbridge said:

"Jason is autistic and has many challenges among which are communication and social skills. He’s always solitary, even in a crowd and as a parent, the isolation is heart-breaking. Eventually, Jason started gaining confidence not only on BMX tracks but also in using his words. He started talking to Ellie (a Young Leader and coach) and she patiently listens to him. Ever since attending Spitfires, Jason has gained confidence, and has increased his attention and focus.”

Redbridge Spitfires is an amazing example of a club with limited resources being able to adapt to include riders with a range of needs. With your help, we can help more clubs become as inclusive as Redbridge.

If you would like to discuss supporting this project please contact: [email protected]